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We help you to build your Career using the best earning/investment Methodology adopted by the world, That will Transform the world, businesses and your overall growth. From finding multiple sources of income that can help you on a daily basis. Your SUCCESS is our FIRST PRIORITY.

Digital Thermometer

Multipurpose Screwdriver


Multipurpose Screwdriver

Denim Jeans

Vegetable Chopper


Vegetable Chopper

Denim Jeans

Gas Safety Device


Gas Safety Device

About RJM Earning

The RJM Earning is one of the leading Companies to provide best solutions in career building. An career platform for providing solutions to current problems and for the betterment of you.

It will also provide more earning options, especially to youth of India, and also provide guidance and resources to excel into diffrent earning/investement models. RJM Earning will also keep data secure and also try to bring more earning/investment options while keeping everyone on profit.


RJM Earning will assure earning on your every action of investment. Earn with Ease, Work with RJM Earning.


You can transfer Earning to your wallet. Earning Recieved can be used in diffrent product & services purchase on your own choice.


RJM Earning will provide top-notch security and services. The Combination of services are very fascinating.

Service​ & Cashback​Roadmap

The service development deadline may not be final and is subject to change based on feedback received from our initial customers.


​Q1 Research and Development
Q2 Team build up
Q3 Service Design & Analysis
Q4 Devlop Business Plan


Q1 Platform development begins, Beta release
Q2 Service Contract Service Implementation
Q3 Event integration begins,
Q4 Service sale planning
Q5 Service Distribution
Q6 Service Listing


Q1 Service for Public
Q2 Listing of Services
Q3 Launching of Services R&D Centre
Q4 Release Application for iOS & Android
Q5 Launching Shopping Wallet
Q6 Launching Cashback Machine


Q1 Launching Online E-Shop
Q2 Launching Cashback exchange
Q3 Launching Cashback Solutions App
Q4 Release of Cashback Card
Q5 Launching Loan Service
Q6 Launching Shopping Portal

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Specification & Services

RJM Earning has a very unique business module, Which empower every section of the Indian society.

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